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Each activity has a rating of how much strenuous physical activity is required. 1 is very easy and 5 is for experienced outdoor adventurers!

(3 / 5)

Bird Watching (3 / 5)

Mindo ranked first in birding in 2000, and was declared the first birding place in South America by BirdLife International (2003); listed a total 526 bird species, 1 own endemic species and 48 endemic species of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia are included; more than enough reasons to be regarded as a paradise for birdwatchers.

10,000 plant species are estimated for BPMN area, 526 species of birds have been recorded; also 324 species of mammals; 90 species of butterflies; 9 species of fish and many amphibians and reptiles, however studies are still incomplete.


Tarabita (Cable Car), and Waterfalls Sanctuary (5 / 5)

tarabita waterfall

Take the cable car across the valley to access 6 different wonderful waterfalls in the Mindo area.

Zip Line (5 / 5)

Take a ride through the cloud forest canopy if you seek an adrenalin rush! The zip lines are safe and there are instructors with you every step of the way. One man even took his dog with him!


Butterfly Garden (2 / 5)


The Mariposario is a lovely place to view and feed hundreds of butterflies! Located 2km from Las Terrazas De Dana, it is a wonderful relaxing activity to do in the mornings during your stay here.

Artesanal Chocolate Tour (1 / 5)

Take a tour of a local chocolate shop and make your own artistic chocolate while you’re there!

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Tubing (5 / 5)


Head down the rapids of Rio Mindo in 6 interlocked intertubes with two guides helping you past the rocks! The water is refreshingly cool on hot Mindo days!

El Descanso (Hummingbirds garden) (1 / 5)

Normally hummingbirds are hard to glimpse and fly away before you can snap a photo, but in Mindo you can get your fill of wonderful hummingbird sightings and photos!


Orchid Garden (2 / 5)


Take a relaxing walk around Mindo’s orchid garden. A perfect place for photos of the flowers, or selfies in front of them!


Night Walk (5 / 5)

See the wildlife of Mindo on a guided tour through the jungle at night and get some pictures of the strange critters that roam about at night!

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Relaxing (5 / 5)

What better place than Mindo to just relax, admire the scenery, and meet the local critters? The bungalows at Las Terrazas De Dana are a wonderful place to relax, and Mindo is a calm peaceful town to walk around in


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