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I, the undersigned, understand that I may travel to remote areas that are inherently risky. I am aware that during the trip, certain risks may arise, known and unknown, including but not limited to: forces of nature; civil unrest; wild animals; bad weather; travel byaircraft, boat, raft, automobile, bus, or other means of conveyance that may not be operated or maintained to standards found in North America and Europe; lack of availability of spare parts and repair services, changes in transportation schedules; and travel in mountainous terrain. While DANA TOURS LLC endeavors at all times to provide the finest service, I release DANA TOURS LLC and its employees, guides, and contractors, to the extent permitted by law, of liability from any consequences that could arise from events beyond their control. I agree to take full responsibility for my own actions, safety, and welfare, except for unanticipated events outside of my control. I also agree that I will conduct myself in a way that will not endanger guests, employees, guides, contractors, or myself. I have read and accept the terms and conditions set out in this booking form, and understand that my booking will not be confirmed unless I agree to the terms and conditions, complete and sign this booking form, and make deposits and payments before the deadlines set out in the terms and conditions.

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