Our Staff!

“We do care about the planet, our community and our team”

“Live to learn, learn to support, support to raise”

Sofia Las Terrazas de Dana

Sofia Campoverde


I'm Sofía Campoverde. I'm from a small town called Las Golondrinas. I'm 26 years old. I'm a nice and outgoing girl but sometimes I am a bit clueless and I tend to forget things easily. I love to spend my free time with my little daughter Eva. I love to work at Las Terrazas de Dana and meet a lot of new people everyday.

Thalia Las Terrazas de Dana

Thalia Perez


Hi, my name is Thalia Pérez, I'm from Mindo, I'm proud to be part of Las Terrazas de Dana team, I'm waiting for you with open arms to make you live a beautiful experience and enjoy our gastronomy in the best hotel in the world!

Germania Las Terrazas de Dana

Germania Gutierrez


Hello, my name is Germania Gutiérrez. I'm 28 years old. I was born in Mindo. I love the nature here. I like my job and I try to give my best. I also consider myself a decisive person, happy and capable to solve problems effectively.

Irene Las Terrazas de Dana

María Irene Dávalos


Hello, my name is María Irene Dávalos. I'm from Mindo. I come from a humble family of great values. I invite you to visit our paradise and taste our amazing gastronomy. I'm waiting for you with open arms at the best hotel in the world, Las Terrazas de Dana.

Valeria Las Terrazas de Dana

Valeria Patiño


Hi, my name is Valeria Patiño. I'm from this beautiful and magical place called Mindo, a little piece of heaven in earth. A place of friendly and kind people always ready to welcome the tourists with open arms and make them feel at home. We invite you to visit us at Terrazas de Dana, the best Hotel in Mindo, to live together unique and unforgettable experiences full of adventure.

Katy Las Terrazas de Dana

Katty Ruales


Hello, I'm Katty Ruales. I'm a native of Mindo. I consider myself a humble, honest and hardworking person. I always trying and giving my best in the place where I work.

Kira Las Terrazas de Dana



Hello, I'm Kira.

Dana Las Terrazas de Dana



Hello, I'm Dana.

Marco Las Terrazas de Dana

Marco Merino D.


Hi everyone, my name is Marco Merino D. I'm from Quito. I love to work in this paradise. I think that hospitality is the main gateway to a country and its people. All of us who work in the hotel industry become ambassadors of our country. We are waiting for you to create unforgettable experiences together at las Terrazas de Dana, by far, the best lodge in Mindo.

Mindo Las Terrazas de Dana

David Brito