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Sustainability & Responsibility

To promote responsible tourism policies and practices so that local communities may thrive and steward their cultural resources and biodiversity is the mission of The Center For Responsible Travel (CREST). The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is a unique policy-oriented research organization dedicated to increasing the positive global impact of responsible tourism.

Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa has been recognized leader in sustainability involvement in travel industry, our work, past support to CREST and formal commitment to support CREST in the future, has allowed us to be inducted into the elite CREST Platinum Sponsors category.

The rise of responsible travel in the last quarter of the 20th century challenged the way conventional tourism operates and created the principals and tools to make tourism a force for good. Ecotourism have demonstrated that, if developed responsibly, can help to eliminate rural poverty, foster cultural understanding and peace, educate travelers about special places and local cultures, and provide economic opportunity and pride to local communities.

The American Birding Expo at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Philadelphia, USA, is a worldwide well known birdwatchers show. Exhibitors from around the world, representing all aspects of the birding and nature market, attend the event to present and offer their products, goods and services. Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa sponsors this huge event making available to this festival one of its Programs to be auctioned off during the event.

Río Grande Valley Birding Festival and the English Bird Fair are also two impressive Birding Exhibitions in which, Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa also contribute to this magnificent Festivals donating one of its Programs to be auctioned off during the events.

To protect the biodiversity of the Cloud Forest within the Choco Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve, has become our leading goal, adjoining to the service offer to Mindo Cloud Forest Community through supporting local economy.

We have learnt to respect and love Cloud Forest and we promote the conservation of the entire Reserve supporting by economic benefits to Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation which encourages reforestation, promote the protection of rivers, creeks and waterways within the Biosphere Reserve and assist the recovery of several species that inhabit Cloud Forest.

Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation is an Ecuadorean non-profit foundation that works for forest conservation, reforestation and eco-tourism promotion on the Western slopes of Ecuador’s Andes. With several reserves between 300 and 2500 meters altitude, Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation work area overlaps the Tropical Andes and Tumbes Choco Magdalena biodiversity hotspots (Conservation International).

A program to minimize the amount of plastic bag use in Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa is being developed. Once the purchasing and supply chain has finished, all the plastic boxes are taken to the recycling area, in there, our team on charge, choose all of the them which could be reused within the Lodge and workshops. All of our guests become part of this program when they are informed that several recycling bins have been settled around the leisure areas.

Financial aids are not the only way Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa support to protect Mindo Cloud Forest. There are also several doings to reduce the carbon footprint, Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa has implemented some of them:

Compost Food Waste

The compost we create is used as fertiliser for landscaping, we help our ecosystem as well as giving our guests beautiful lawns to look up.

Efficient Technologies and Energy Save Program

Including chafing dishes to help the food keep warm during Restaurant Service and powered by ecoburner we are reducing our carbon footprint by using alternative and safe energy when possible.

Our guests are also informed and induced to save energy by adequate use of electricity requiring them to turn the lights off, television, computers and bath tubes when not necessary. Our staff is also taking care about this issue controling that lights and all electronical stuff within the bungalows has been turned off when our guests are not in there.

Reduce Water Waste

Controling the temperature of the water used to wash, we are reducing the energy needed to transport the water and the electricity needed to heat it.

Same way used to control the wasting of energy are used to save water and guests and staff are also part of this program.

Recycle And Reuse As Much As Possible

Recycling and reusing supplies reduces the amount of waste that our Lodge generates. It’s not just about using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, products that are made from recycled plastics or recycled wood – like containers or furniture – are a great way to introduce recycling into our business.

Buy From Local, Sustainable Businesses

Supplies transportation is one of the hidden things that can hugely increase our Lodge’s carbon footprint. It takes much fuel to transport supplies from the main cities. Thousands of gallons of fuel could be burnt through years of operation. Buying locally and supporting our local economy, drastically reduce carbon footprint from our Lodge. We also support local economy, supporting local jobs that employ local people. Buying locally and sustainably reduces the amount of waste our Lodge generates and boosts the local area.

To enhance our community, support private joint ventures and encourage responsible economic and social progress, Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa, stock up from local owned and developed supply chain when possible, offering productive and positive relationships by paying fair prices and asking for equality and mutual respect.

Our products and services supply chain employ the services of local residents of Mindo Cloud Forest when possible. Our staff is being paid with more than competitive salaries what make us the best option to work in the area, flexible work hours, equality and positive relationships is doing that our staff feels an important part of this chain.

At last, Las Terrazas De Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa feels proud to deliver financial support to the passionate child care, education and social services provided by Salem Ecuador which is a children, youth and community center located in the small town of Mindo Cloud Forest.

Their center is a place where children can enjoy their childhood, learn, play, and be accepted as part of a loving community. Salem takes care of the most underprivileged and at risk children and young people of the village. They offer them loving care and help to find solutions to their most urgent problems.

There are several programs by which Salem take care of our children: childcare and education, youth work, further education, social work & family counseling, ecology, health and nutrition.

All of the Salem projects are affiliated through the shared values of peace and helping those in need. In this way Salem is actively working in global hotspots to help people in difficult situations regardless of their beliefs or nationality. Our support to Salem ranges from social, environmental and health issues to nutrition, education and development assistance.