Mindo South American Bird Fair 2023

Paul Greenfield Las Terrazas de Dana

Today we want to remember the event of the South American Bird Fair 2023, which took place in Mindo, Ecuador, became a reference point in the chronology of tourism related to birdwatching in our country. Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa and Margarit Boutique Hotel, our hotel in the town, were sponsors of the event and also David (founder of the hotel), was part of the organizing committee. Mindo, Ecuador, known for its rich biodiversity and its impressive variety of tropical birds, was the perfect host for this event.

The South American Bird Fair 2023 took place from October 26 to 29, 2023. During these days, the quiet town of Mindo transformed into a bustling center of activity, attracting bird watchers, experts and tourists from all over the region and the world.

The event offered a variety of activities for participants. Field trips to different leks ans reserves allowed birdwatching enthusiasts to explore the diverse ecosystems of Mindo and observe some of the world’s most exotic bird species in their natural habitat. Participants also had the opportunity to attend talks, the Bird Marketing one was held at our lodge, symposiums, and workshops, where they could learn more about birds, the ecosystem, preservation and bird tourism.

In addition to birdwatching activities, the South American Bird Fair 2023 also included keynote lectures and daily talks at the covered sports center in Mindo, Ecuador. These presentations provided participants with a deeper insight into Ecuador’s biodiversity, as well as the high-quality tourist services and products that the country offers.

The South American Bird Fair 2023 was not only an opportunity for bird lovers to meet and share their passion, but it was also a platform to promote bird tourism in Ecuador and throughout the region. The event attracted travel agencies, tour operators, lodges and environmental foundations, generating opportunities to promote the Ecuadorian tourist offer in a total of 90 stands spread around the outside of the sports center in a permanent exhibition that lasted 3 days.

Here at Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge & Spa, we were fortunate to receive as our guests the ornithologist expert Paul Greenfield, co-author of “Birds of Ecuador” and “National Strategy for the Management and Sustainable Development of Bird Tourism”, and also the Ecuadorian biologist Juan Freile author of the book Birds of Ecuador, from Helm Field Guides, who signed our copies of their books for our guests to enjoy. We were also the lodging option for Laura Kammermeier from the Ornithology Laboratory of Cornell University. She is the marketing director of the virtual bird search engine “Birds of the World”.

The South American Bird Fair 2023 in Mindo, Ecuador was a great success. It not only highlighted the incredible diversity of birds in the region, but it also demonstrated Ecuador’s commitment to conservation and sustainable development. By hosting this event, Ecuador showed the world that it is a leading destination in bird tourism and left a lasting impression on all those who were fortunate enough to attend.

It was delightful to host you all in Mindo – Ecuador, we look forward to seeing you again!

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