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The Lodge

Las Terrazas de Dana is a family business run by two siblings, David and Ana, hence how we came up with the name “Dana”. Our boutique Eco-lodge provides our guests with all of the luxuries and amenities of a large resort, but is complemented by the personal attention and service of a family run business. Our goal is to provide our guests with expert insight into the natural treasures that surround our little piece of heaven on earth.

In order to maintain this slice of paradise for your future visits (because everyone comes back ;)), we are always focused on maintaining the highest standards of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. This way you can rest easy knowing your vacation has left as small of a footprint as possible.

We are proud of the fact that our local staff and guides share these values, as well as our pride in the level of service we provide our guests. We look forward to your inquiries, and will always do our best to give you the ideal personalized experience.

Our Bungalows

  • Private terrace
  • Internet Wifi in the bungalows
  • Breakfast in your private terrace
  • Coffee and tea for free
  • Queen size bed
  • Satellite DirecTV with 32″ LCD TV
  • Enjoy visits from hummingbirds
  • Room service
  • Safe box deposit
Coffee Cup

Free Coffee Station

We have free coffe, tea and water refill station at the restaurant

Free Wifi

Free Wifi

We have free WiFi in our bungalows and common areas of the lodge.

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

We can organize transfers from Quito, International Airport or other places in Ecuador with our trusted drivers from Mindo.

Massage Spa

Massage Service

Best massage in your private bungalow with birds chirping and singing!

Deluxe Bungalow

Superior Bungalow with Spa Bath

Our Birding Restaurant & Free Coffee Station

Our lodge has a beautiful dining area with an amazing view from the terrace available to you most of the day.

Our Coffee Station serves coffee, variety of teas, infusions and water refill. It is the perfect venue for chilling out completely.

You can choose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in your bungalow (free of charge), or in our main building. Also wines and liquors available as well!

Birdwatching in Ecuador

Massage Service

Why not relax with a massage in your private cabin?
Best massage in your private bungalow with birds chirping and singing!
We use handmade organic products from the finest ingredients in Ecuador for our massages.
Our massages are approximately 50-60 minutes and include a juice of your choice at the end.

* To book your massage in advance is recommended.
* Payment with your credit card in hotel bill!

It is a relaxation massage, with gentle hand work and essential oils. Your body feels relaxed and hopefully you will feel serenity, harmony and peace. It will reduce your stress and stimulate your circulatory system.

Cost: $55

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Cost: $60

This treatment is based on “National Fine of aroma” pure cocoa which is the best kind of cocoa from Ecuador. The body gets a thinner and leaner look than before the treatment, the polyphenols in cocoa delay the ageing process, causing you to look younger. Also dead skin cells are exfoliated and the pores of the skin get detoxified.

Cost: $60

We make this massage with ecuadorian coffee. This treatment is a skin-healthy exfoliator. It improve texture and makes the skin softening. Coffee is very rich in antioxidants and surprisingly has a far higher content than even fruits and vegetables. This makes it a great remedy for skin damage caused by UV rays from exposure to the sun.

Cost: $60

This massage mix the power of Coffee and Chocolate massages together.First treat your skin with a a coffee exfoliator. After that, chocolate will make your skin softer and to look younger.

Cost: $65

Spa Service

Best Spa Services in your private bungalow with birds chirping and singing!

* To book your Spa Service in advance is recommended.

* Payment with your credit card in hotel bill!

Facial cleaning

  • General $55
  • Micropeeling $65
  • Manicure $9.5
  • Pedicure 12.5
  • Lumphatic Drainage (30 min) 55
  • Reflexology (30 min) 35

Take a tour

Our lodge is a pioneering ecolodge with modern design where the latest technology in metal frame construction and traditional construction blend. It’s a sustainable building that takes care about ecology and the environment.

There are six bungalows with spectacular view of the valley of Mindo, which is particularly known for its exceptional natural beauty that attracts many visitors who like the wildlife, colorful birds and unique nature.

Our Beautiful Gardens

Galapagos Cruise

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