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Mindo Ecuador Pool

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a tour across Ecuador, traveling with family always has a special touch—a mix of noise, laughter, many suitcases, parents, children, cousins, uncles, and even close friends.

One of the places that should be mandatory to visit by law is the cloud forest with its perpetually green mountains surrounded by clouds and an abundance of new adventures and wildlife, including countless bird species.

Mindo, situated within this paradise, is only 2 hours from Quito and 2.5 hours from the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. It offers an incredible blend of nature, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, majestic mountains, and all the adrenaline your family can handle, among many other things.

Our hotel, Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique & Spa, is located just 5 minutes from downtown Mindo, via the waterfalls route or a 15-minute walk. It’s the perfect balance of being close to the town while immersed in a completely natural environment.

For larger families, our 2 Deluxe Family Bungalows are the ideal choice. Each bungalow features a queen-size bed and 2 single beds, beautiful views through large windows, and a spacious terrace. These bungalows are in a separate building, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. In addition to all of this, the rooms can be connected through the terrace, creating a gigantic space exclusively for you.

Entertainment is guaranteed with a satellite TV and free Wi-Fi, and you’ll find numerous birds right outside your terrace in our gardens.
Our restaurant menu caters to all tastes, offering everything from premium beef cuts to healthy vegetarian dishes and the best burgers and treats for the little ones.

Our swimming pool is an extraordinary meeting point and a place for children to play and swim peacefully in the company of their parents.

Simply walking through our extensive gardens, observing the flowers, thousands of birds, and butterflies, catching glimpses of elusive squirrels in the trees, and witnessing small guatusos running freely—all of this combines to create a little private paradise.

For those seeking an extra dose of relaxation or simply wanting to pamper themselves, our Spa offers a wide variety of treatments and massages with unique products. We use hot river stones, chocolate, and Mindeño coffee for aromatherapy. Our spa provides the best relaxing and therapeutic massages, as well as facials and exfoliations. And if that’s not enough, we also offer manicures and pedicures.

Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique & Spa is a hotel that is a destination within a destination. We pay attention to every detail and prioritize quality and exclusivity in our 10 rooms. But the best part is that we accompany this with a completely different level of customer service, demonstrating our genuine concern for our guests. True luxury accommodation stands out and is characterized by outstanding service.

In an upcoming blog, we will discuss all the diverse activities that families can enjoy. We assure you that everyone will find something they love.

We’re not trying to convince you; we’re simply suggesting one of the best experiences of your life in a natural environment, surrounded by friendly people, and with no risks—well, except for the risk that you might want to extend your stay, and we won’t have availability! 😊

Mindo Ecuador Bungalow Deluxe
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