25’th Wedding Anniversary was 9-Days in Paradise!

Bill (US) – Tripadvisor review

If you are seeking 5-star service, awesome food, immaculate accommodations, a knowledgeable tour guide, peace and quite (only the sounds of birds chirping), and amazing views of the cloud forest – then look no further ! There is no place better to stay in Mindo, Ecuador than at Las Terrazas de Dana. My wife and I spent nine wonderful days here, and celebrated our 25’th wedding anniversary. David & Veronica decorated our room and the hot tub with rose petals, a bottle of red wine, and lit candles on our anniversary night. They served us breakfast on our private veranda in the morning, so we could look at the mountains and enjoy the hummingbirds at the feeder beside our deck. They found out that my wife loves chocolate – and made her a “chocolate lava cake” dessert for our anniversary dinner and hot chocolate for breakfast. David always seemed to magically “need” to ride into town for something, at the exact times when we were planning to take the brief 15-min hike in to town or to an excursion on our own – and thus he would drive us or pick us up, instead of our walking (we finally had to insist that we walk, so we could exercise and work off all the great food). David even offered and did some laundry for us – so that I could donate my hiking shirts to a local missionary when we left. We did not get sick the entire time that we were in Mindo, except for the day that we opted to eat dinner at a restaurant in town – rather than here, where we had eaten most of our meals (lesson learned – why go into town and take the risk when the food here is great and safe?). Most of the excursions are all very close to here as well – including las cascades (waterfalls you can hike to after an amazing cable car ride), ziplines over the canopy, butterfly / bird sanctuaries, tubing, etc.. It is also really nice being outside of Mindo’s downtown area – as the seclusion and privacy is much nicer than the sounds of cars, people, etc that come with being in town. There are three dogs that live on the property (who are quite friendly) – to make sure that any visitors are announced upon arrival, and to keep any lost rainforest creatures off of the property (it provides some added safety & protection). My wife and I both felt that we were treated like family – and we certainly consider David & Veronica to be our new friends ! We will most certainly stay here when we return to Mindo, Ecuador again – as it will be like “coming home” and visiting “our new family”.. (NOTE : a true testament to how great these folks are – My wife left her wedding band sitting on the nightstand in the cabana, but did not notice until we got to Quito airport. I was going to send an email to David – but he had already sent me one stating that “They found my wife’s ring while cleaning the room – and would arrange to get it sent back to us in the U.S. – Wow.. Integrity & great service !)

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