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Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands located off the coast of Ecuador are an ideal vacation getaway for travelers from all around the world. A vacation tour in Galapagos Islands offers the most striking sight of natural abundances available on Earth. The unparalleled charm and beauty of such a natural place on the planet is a holiday destination for tourists across the globe. In fact, this is one of the best places in the planet known for its mysterious history of turbulences that continue to reckon expeditors and adventure enthusiasts. Galapagos Islands today are known to be the most sought after natural destinations among travelers.

Galapagos IslandsThe archipelago has been known to be the most enchanting islands that offer adventure lovers a pleasurable experience. The dream expedition will take you to enjoy scuba diving amidst sharks, sea turtles with ample scope to enjoy the pristine ambiance of the region. This is not only a paradise for adventure lovers but even families can enjoy a great trip to these islands. Diverse in nature from other ecosystems, each of these islands have evolved with distinct biodiversity. No one island is similar to another as these are formed naturally and hence unusual in nature.

Spending a wonderful time away from home is just what makes the place so popular among tourists. In fact, newlyweds looking to spend some time together away from the buzzing city life can explore the exciting natural reserves for a fun-filled and romantic getaway. The vacation guide provides travelers with information to make the travel absolutely fabulous in every way. Various transportation modes are included in the travel guide details, so tourists can check that out. There are many islands located far off the region and hence such modes of transportation are important to help you reach these islands. With the tourist vacation tour guide you can actually tailor your cruises accordingly.

South Seymour also known as Baltra is a small island located near the Galagagos Islands. The island has two airports with facilities for overnight landing of aircraft available. A small bunch of boats wait near the bay to ferry passengers for Galagagos cruises. In the east lay the Chatham or the San Cristobal Island names after St. Christopher and comprises of an area of 558 square kms. The island contains the largest freshwater lake, Laguna El Junco.Galapagos hotel This is the abode of red and blue footed boobies, sea lions, tropicbirds, swallow tailed gulls, and frigate birds. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of Galagagos is situated in the province with the second airport located in the island.

Also known as hood, the Espanola Island named after Spain is the oldest of the southern laying islands of Galagagos. The 60 square kms region of the archipelago is approximately 3.5 million years old with a number of its own native species found abundantly on the island. This remote location is home to mockingbirds, lava lizard, and tortoise. An interesting species found locally are the marine iguanas that change their color adapting a distinct red hue during the breeding season. The species waved albatross is also found amidst the biodiversity. The island is mostly covered with steep cliffs that are perfect for birds to ocean feed. Punta Suarez has an endemic wildlife that attracts many visitors. Garner Bay is popular for its snorkeling and swimming activities which find several tourists flocking to the region.

Albemarie Island or Isabela is spread across a region of 4,640 square kms which is the largest of the Galapagos formed by merging six large volcanos. The island is home to several species of marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, Sally lightfoot crabs and pelicans. The island is the 3rd largest of the Galapagos archipelago. It is also the only island where the equator runs through it. The Isla Santiago located just on the right of Isabela is the first island to have been discovered by Columbus and consists of about 585 kms, which makes the region even more popular.

Remember that you can always combine your Galapagos Islands tour with few days of relax in Mindo Cloud Forest (only 2 hours from Quito), before you left Ecuador :)

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