Mr. Vassalbassano (FR) – Tripadvisor review

Magnificient stay

We are just out of a fabulous 3 days stay in Las Terraza de Dana. We chose this place based on the outstanding reviews on Triadvisor, and we can only say that this resort already lives by its reputation.

First, the place, in remote Mindo, offers breathtaking views over a gorgeous and amazingly quiet valley. The surroundings of the hotel are really, really green, and is a must see place for nature lovers. During our 3 days stay in Mindo, we therefore got the chance to hike a lot around the many trails and remote gravel roads around the property.

Then, the property itself is amazing. Everything is very simple, authentic, yet beautifully thought after. The panoramic bay windows offer a one-in-a-kind experience every morning. The rooms are very lofty and comfy (including incredibly comfortable beddings), and the bathroom is spacious and the hot tub offers an amazing view over the valley while keeping everything very intimate.

Lastly, and mots importantly, the service provided by David and his team is totally amazing. We have thoroughly enjoyed the unique hospitality and sense of care that David put to make our stay an overall amazing experience. David spent all the time necessary to explain all the whereabouts and things to do in Mindo, and has been extremely helpful in assisting us when we had to re-route our schedule due to the ongoing Cotopaxi eruption. Given this, we had to stay one more night here, but we totally enjoyed our day. The food is also very good and fabulous, especially the outstanding Ceviche by Veronica (not to mention the great breakfasts that we enjoyed straight from our private terrace – a one in a kind experience).

All in all, so many thanks to everyone at Las Terraza de Dana for making our stay in Mindo – the first leg of our tour in Ecuador – such an amazing experience;)

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