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Shannon K (US) – Tripadvisor review

Six stars! No, 10! No, that’s not quite right either. One million stars!

As you may have surmised, we really, *really* enjoyed our stay at Las Terrazas de Dana. Davíd and his staff were simply amazing. It began with a special meal request for my vegan boyfriend (there’s a note on the menu mentioning that ordering off menu is fine and can be accommodated). For each of the three nights we ate dinner, the chef created something special, just for him. We even gave her the option to prepare one of the dishes she’d made for him before, but she totally just crafted something new for him each night. Totally above and beyond! I happened to get sick while we were in Mindo and, again, the staff completely took care of me – specially prepared BRAT diet items to settle my tummy and medicinal tea that’s supposed to do the same (and I swear it worked!). Although it wasn’t our intention, we never actually left our bungalow for the entire three days and three nights we were there. All I had to do was send an email requesting a beer, or water, or our breakfast/dinner request, and Davíd or his staff would show up. Service overall was top notch.

Aside from that level of thoughtfulness, though, the bungalows themselves are very well thought out. Their placement overlooking the forest means that regardless of whether it’s sunny or foggy, rainy or cloudy, your view is always fantastic. The two person jacuzzi has the same view that you’d have from the bed or from the balcony. Davíd picked specific plants that are natural attractants for hummingbirds and butterflies, so they were always fluttering around. The room furnishings are minimal (so as to not detract from the view), but very nicely done. Even the materials used felt very lush and luxurious.

The wifi signal from our bungalow (the one farthest from the main house) was typically pretty weak, but it allowed us to just unplug even more fully. There was construction happening in the main part of town that left much of Mindo without electricity for the majority of the day, but Las Terrazas de Dana had a generator so there was always power when we needed it.

Davíd also offers help with getting tickets to various activities in the area and is more than happy to offer tips and suggestions for things outside of Mindo, too; for example, he referred us to a restaurant in Quito for a view of the city. He also was able to offer us a ride into town to catch our bus and helped me find a place to buy postcard stamps before we left.

Bottom line: You would be making a big mistake not to stay at Las Terrazas de Dana. We were joking around that we were just going to max out our credit cards and stay for as long as possible because everything was so lovely. Go! Go now and check it out for yourselves!

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