New species of hummingbird is registered in Ecuador: Blue-throated Hillstar (Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus)

Oreotrochilus Cyanolaemus

Ecuador records a new species of hummingbirds: Blue-throated Hillstar (Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus). It was discovered on the border between the provinces of El Oro and Loja.

The finding was published on September 26 in the scientific journal AUK, official media of the American Ornithological Society.

According to the research team, this new species is endemic to El Oro and Loja. It is closely related to a hummingbird called ‘Estrella de Cabeza Verde’, which lives in northern Peru and southern Ecuador. A new endemic species that adds to the 132 that already exist in Ecuador.

The deep blue of its throat distinguishes it from the other six species of stars described to date. This new species also has a green head. It is distinguished from other six by the particularity of its deep blue neck. It has other differences, such as the black line under the bib, the upper velvet triangle and its tail with white tips.

The individual is small and robust, his feathers are easily confused with the green of the branches; nevertheless, its white front stands out in the grayish of the páramo.

The last bird species discovered in Ecuador was described in 2.000, according to the statement. This finding opens the possibilities of finding new species of frogs, toads, snakes and mice.

With the joy of finding a new species, there is a concern to preserve it. At that time, the Blue-Throated Hillstar Hummingbird was classified in the category ‘Critically Endangered’. Its habitat is a very small area where there is evidence of great degradation due to the burning of the páramo, agriculture, livestock and mining concessions.

Ecuador wins a new endemic species that will also improve the flow of ecotourism in the country as tourists. It will help a lot because many ornithologists from all over the world will come to see it.

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Oreotrochilus Cyanolaemus