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Mindo River


Tandayapa Valley. Less than two hours from Quito, Tandayapa Valley is a beautiful slice of the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest. It is most well-known for the exceptional birding opportunities. In fact, after a short time you´ll appreciate why, this reserve has held the highest 24-hour bird count in the Audubon Christmas bird, ... Read More
December 13, 2016David Brito


After 9 months in South America, Mindo Ecuador is the most beautiful and relaxing place I´ve found. Before arriving here I spent a couple of weeks in Quito. It felt so good to step back from the bustling city and get a breath of fresh air. Being a little outside ... Read More
September 27, 2016David Brito
orquid mindo ecuador


Mindo Ecuador is a magical setting in the midst of exotic Ecuador. It is widely renowned for its dense rainforests, rivers, birds and spectacular landscapes. Mindo possesses a mystic beauty. You can wander through its dense rainforests where you can experience the splendor of the towering trees and hear the ... Read More
December 12, 2015David Brito
Red head barbet


Mindo is a small town situated in the spectacular Andean foothills of the Ecuador. The exotic mindo cloud forest is home to many endangered wildlife species and birds with ample attractions for tourists. The tiny town of Mindo is a popular destination for backpackers. The place is an epicenter of biodiversity ... Read More
September 22, 2015David Brito


Hello all, In these days we organized a small surprise for Beverly from Bill because of their 25th anniversary...   And the next day, we received this surprise...............     Thanks a lot Beverly and Bill! we hope to see you soon. We are starting to listen Friday´s Veil :D
June 21, 2015David Brito

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